Welcome to 2018

B3554501-E0A9-44D0-B822-30D653EFC54EHappy New Year! This may make me a horrible person, but I always find myself breathing a happy sigh of relief when early January finally arrives… the holiday rush is behind us and we can get back to our routines, and quietly get on with all those things that got ignored during the past month. Like my garden. There are so many little projects that I thought I would get to this fall but just didn’t. Like dividing those Anigozanthos (which this app wants to rewrite as amigos anyway).

On New Year’s Day I planted watermelon radishes, which I recently discovered are incredibly delicious but which I can’t seem to actually buy anywhere. Perhaps it will be the start of a new January 1st tradition. Easier than making Hoppin’ John.



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