A trip up North

North of San Diego County lies the vast expanse of Orange County. I talked the hubster in to a road trip up to Long Beach on Saturday. Our first stop was Roger’s Gardens in Irvine. Wow, was that place impressive!

So many gorgeous plants, every specimen in stunning condition.

I showed admirable restraint and left with just 4 plants — Helianthemum nummularium, an impulse buy lace leaf lavender, and 2 Aeomiums I’ve been looking for, Garnet and Cyclops.

I’ve got this forest of (what I think are) Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum going on in the front garden and I want to build it out with some variations on the theme. These new purple aeoniums will be perfect for that plan.

Our next stop was Beachwood BBQ and Brewery in Longbeach, where we had lunch and sampled a few beers. Here are 2 of them, the Pablo Escobeer Coffee Porter on Nitro and the Un Atout Saison, both of which were excellent, perfect pours. The hubster explained that Beechwood has some kind of state of the art system for keeping lines clean and dialing in the perfect level of carbonation for each beer on tap. I didn’t take a picture of it, but it was an elaborate panel of dials and gauges — very impressive. The food was fabulous, too.

Our final and most important stop was to the Cross Pollination Pop-up at Urban Americana, hosted by 2 of my garden design/blogosphere heroes, Denise M. of A growing obsession and Dustin Gimbel of Second Nature Garden Design. I think I managed to not embarrass myself too much. I mean, I didn’t ask for anyone’s autograph or anything. Very adult of me. Urbana Americana was itself amazing enough to be worth the trip, but I was there for the plants and the pottery (and the people)! Dustin and Denise were both absolutely delightful to talk to and I am so glad to have met them in person. I left with 2 pieces of original Gimbel pottery (one complete with an Albuca specimen)…

… and this amazing Rhipsalis which I’ve already gushed about in the April Bloom day post. But just in case you haven’t seen enough, here’s another picture of it.

Sadly the gods of traffic did not smile upon our drive home, but that’s just life in Southern California. We did have an easy trip up there, and all in all it was well worth the trip!

3 thoughts on “A trip up North

  1. You are so funny — I have the same case of nerves when meeting new plant people! I bumped into legendary photographer Saxon Holt recently and could only talk about how much I liked his Instagrams on his dog! We’re going by Beechwood today on the way to see Black Panther finally — I think I’ll try one of your choices. I’m always shocked by the traffic back and forth to San Diego, sorry it caught you this time.


  2. Hi Amy. I found your blog through Denise (A Growing Obsession). Your new Rhipsalis is fabulous and seeing it makes me doubly annoyed with myself that I missed the Long Beach popup. I checked out your Bloom Day post too. I love your garden as might be expected given that we share many of the same plants.


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