Veggie Installation at Tiny Acres and a Visit to Annie’s Annuals

So I was up in the Bay Area last month visiting some friends, and I should mention that my friends live *in Richmond*. Now, Richmond is actually where Annie’s Annuals happens to be located. And as luck would have it, my friends were up for tackling a little afternoon garden project, which of course meant we needed to go to Annie’s. I’ve bought plants from here via mail order for years, and it felt like a pilgrimage to get to finally visit the nursery in person.

The place did not disappoint. All I can say is wow! So many gorgeous flowers and plant combinations on display.

Ah Tithonia! I grew these in North Carolina and Iowa, but couldn’t keep them going in San Diego.

I saw things I’d seen online and am now even more obsessed with, like this Salvia (below)

And some new finds… what is this thing (above) with these gorgeous smooth, silver leaves?

And this thing out by the front gate!? Must get one.

The nursery is large, and chock full of beautiful specimens.

And by large I mean *large*. I also have to say it was incredibly well tended, with plenty of helpful signage. My Richmond friend commented that she finds this to be a very well organized nursery, in terms of how the plants are grouped for sale. I haven’t seen other commercial nurseries set things up in quite this same way. My friend commented that she finds that the organization of the place makes it easier to understand what to pick out, how to garden with the plants, and ultimately helps you as a customer enjoy your gardening experiments all the more.

Ok, so vegetables in hand it was time to tackle our project. My friends use as much of their yard as they can to grow fruit trees and vegetables and have named their place Tiny Acres. I think this may be in part named after one their cats, Tiny. Or it may have to do with the size of most yards in Richmond. Or probably both.

Our goal for the afternoon was to replant some raised beds.

We added celery, chard, beets, green onions, and a new rosemary plant. There may have been more but since I’m only now (finally!) writing this post I might be forgetting something.

Tiny Acres features apple, plum, Meyer lemon and avocado trees. And this pineapple guava whose foliage I find really striking, and whose fruit my friends highly recommend. I may need to get one of these, too.

And then sadly it was off to the Oakland airport for the flight home. But I feel lucky to have such dear friends in my life, and weekends like that to share with them.

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