The atmospheric river of rain arrived in San Diego overnight and made quite a show on Thursday.

We got just shy of 1/3 of a full year’s rainfall in 24 hours. Atmospheric river sounds so… poetic to me. I’d never heard of this phenomenon before I moved to San Diego. I guess atmospheric rivers are just another one of those wild and weird things unique to California. It’s astounding to see it rain this hard here, where any rain at all is pretty infrequent. Living in other places, with 30, 30+ inches of rain a year, you just somehow get used to it and it doesn’t stand out. But today’s storm did.

The rest of my team was out of the office at a conference so I took the opportunity to work from home. I said it was to avoid the messy traffic, but I felt lucky to get to watch the storm blow through.

Then at the end of the day it stopped, and brightened up for while. Enough to see the moon.

I wandered out and marveled at the unfamiliar sogginess. It’s been so wet this year, that’s moss growing on the decomposed granite

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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