Street scenes of Copenhagen late May 2019

I was in Copenhagen for a few days for work, attending a conference. I managed to sneak in a few breaks to stroll around the neighborhood and explore the city, and here are some images. I was in the København K neighborhood — near the harbor.

The photo below is from my hotel room window. The door across the street is the entrance to the building where the conference was held.

This is the Frederiks Kirk or Frederik’s Church, just down the street. 18th century Lutheran church featuring the largest done in Scandinavia.

These 3 just happened to be waking by.

Hydrangeas! A plant I almost never see at home in California.

This wisteria vine covered building was in Nørrebro.

A well made Americano at last (the conference coffee was, well, conference coffee).

Cute houseplants in a restaurant window.

Anyone know what this is? A lewisii?

This little girl was enthralled in taking pictures of flower petals floating in the fountain. I saw her as a kindred spirit.

Copenhagen is a city filled with enchanting little courtyards.

Love the grasses softening up the architecture here.

Parting shot: this dog, patiently waiting for its owner to finish up the grocery shopping.

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