Happy Daylight Savings Time

Phew! That most dreaded Monday of the year, the Monday after the clocks spring forward, is behind us. Despite my grumbling this morning, I have to say I really love daylight savings time because now I have a chance to actually see my garden at the end of a midweek day without the use of a flashlight. Its glorious!

Things on Del Diablo Lane have been humming along lately, making the most of these little scraps of rain we’ve been getting. I, myself, have been pathetically boring lately with just far too much time spent at the office. But back to the garden….

The first California poppy of the season to bloom (in my yard at least) happened on Sunday

The Ray Hartmann Ceanothus is about to burst

Lots more is blooming or about to bloom: check back in on Thursday for March’s GBBD.

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