Bloom day March 2018

Bloom day in San Diego today reminded me of that old saying about March, that I used to hear in the Northeast when I was growing up: “In like a lion, out like lamb.” We had rain overnight (yay!) and I woke up to a soggy morning commute. But by the afternoon, the sun was out, without a cloud in sight.

Here’s what’s blooming, starting in the backyard. Blue elf Aloe is lit up all over the place.

These dudleyas (giant chalk? Pulverulenta?) are getting ready to throw out their crazy octopus arm inflorescences. Check in next month to see what I mean.

The lemon tree is in full on flower mode, as is the lime tree and the 2 little grapefruits. My pictures of those other citrus were too blurry to post (a hazard of snapping photos in fading afternoon light).

The little NOID opuntia is going strong…

… as is this NOID Cotyledon. (Yes I have a lot of NOID plants. I’m hoping that starting this blog will help me improve in that situation).

One of my favorite plants, Sphaeralcea ambigua ‘Louis Hamilton’ is looking lovely as ever. This one was new last fall, from the San Diego California Native Plant Society plant sale.

Bust snapdragon, Galvezia specious, is just getting started.

Aloe striata

The little Ray Hartman Ceanothus in the back is flowering one branch tip at a time it seems

NOID Salvia (chamaedryoides? Whatever it is, its a really good one).

And Salvia chiapensis (I think) with yarrow and a random purple Freesia.

The Dymondia margaretae deserves some glamor.

Dudleya (edulis?) and another NOID echeveria are getting ready to flower.

These NOID Aloes in the side yard were glowing as the light faded.

Finally! On to the front yard. This is quite a post.

A few of the Anigozanthos are blooming already, along with Euphorbia rigida, California poppies Eschscholzia californica, and statice flower Limonium sinuatum. Oh and another Sphaeralcea (an orange one this time) in the back there.

A closeup of the Euphorbia rigida flowers. This one is the furthest along.

A few random NOID echeverias in the flower boxes.

And finally, the Ray Hartman Ceanothus, front yard, which isn’t *quite* blooming yet. It’s going to be amazing in about 2 days, especially if it stays sunny.

The 2 Agave desmetiana plants flowering this year are about half way done. The bigger one is so tall its hard to get a good picture of. Oh that hibiscus is blooming too. I’m such a plant snob — I’m not even giving it any mention.

… and here’s the Agave on the corner, accompanied by another orange Sphaeralcea.

That’s it! I’m out of daylight.

Thank you to for hosting!

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