Belated Bloom Day November 2018

Its November, and although we still haven’t gotten rain, some of the plants are coming back to life after the summer.

Cotyledon (orbiculata perhaps?) is back in bloom, adding a new item to the local hummingbird menu. It seems early this year.

Mexican Lime (Citrus aurantifolia I think) is blooming, well ahead of the Meyer lemon or grapefruit trees.

Gomphrena just keeps on going – this is such a great plant.

A few of the yarrows have perked back up and even started flowering. These are near some irrigation, but they’d died back so hard during this past summer’s heat, I was surprised to see them come back. Happy surprised.

A few of the salvias are also back — Salvia chiapensis…

Salvia chamaedryoides (I think) is blooming….

… and hummingbird sage, Salvia spathacea, newly purchased and planted from the California Native Plants Society San Diego chapter plant sale a few weeks ago.

And finally, this Rhipsalis (Ramulosa perhaps?) is opening its tiny little white flowers, one or 2 a day.

Here’s hoping that by next month’s bloom day I’ll have some rain (and more blooms!) to report.

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