Bloom Day January 2019

A belated bloom day post is better than no bloom day post, I figure. I actually took these photos early on the morning of January 13th, so the timing is at least more or less right.

First up — some of the citrus trees are blooming. Here’s the Oro Blanco grapefruit.

… and the Mexican lime.

A NOID Aloe from my neighbor, Rosemary.

And here’s a NOID kalanchoe perhaps, also from Rosemary now that I think about it.

The lace leaf lavender is in bloom.

The Palo Verde Desert Museum has just started flowering even though its wild type conspecific Parkinsonia florida is no where near blooming.

A Salvia Terra Seca from last fall’s CNPS Plant sale is blooming.

Good old jade plant (NOID) looks amazing with its winter bloom on.

Not exactly a flower, but does a fruiting body count? Seems like it should.

Cotyledon (orbiculata perhaps?) started blooming back in November and is still going strong, loving this wet winter we’re having.

A NOID Epidendrum orchid is showing its colors.

NOID Salvia (I’ve called it Salvia chamaedryoides) is bursting with flowers.

Yarrow flowers are popping over all over the place. It seems crazy early, but I’m more than happy to see them brightening things up.

This Salvia is the stunner of the garden, and has been for months now. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps Salvia chiapensis.

Another NOID Salvia I picked up years ago at City Farmers Nursery.

Not much is happening in the front yard, but this Narcissus (NOID) is back in a big way. This plant predates our moving in to the house in 2010 but shows up every winter.

And finally, we’ve got another Agave desmettania shooting up a stalk this year. See you next month!

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day is hosted on the 15th of each month by May Dreams Gardens.

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